Joanna Sharp
Training & Development Specialist, Fremont Bank

Shola asked us to consider these three age-old questions as we look at how we’re working. The conversation that followed was insightful and challenging, and offered ways to work towards a kinder and more inclusive workplace and world.

In exploring these three questions Shola generously shared his deeply personal experiences, learnings, and teachings. Highlights for me included the story of the buffalo and the cow, and how we can choose our response to stimulus.

Shola’s father told him to be the buffalo, not the cow – when the storm rolls in, the cow turns and tries to outrun the storm, to get ahead of it, which never works. The buffalo turns towards the storm and pushes through, knowing that it will be difficult and uncomfortable, but also that it will be in the storm for a less time. In these very challenging times be the buffalo – face into the fray and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Victor Frankel in Man’s Search for Meaning speaks about the space in between stimulus and response, where we can choose how to respond. Shola connected this back to values – if we know what our values are, we are able to lean on them in tough times, responding to stimulus with kindness and understanding.

The final thought I was left with was ‘you only have to do the right thing, just today’. Don’t worry about tomorrow, or next month, or two years from now. Focus on doing the right thing, just today, by asking is it kind?, is it true?, and is it necessary?

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Attendee Feedback

  • This time with Shola was fantastic. I especially loved the reminder that when people aren’t kind choose to respond with a values mindset rather than react from emotions. Loved it!
  • Shola inspires you to be the person you want to be. By providing tools to be kind to yourself he demonstrates how you can embody Ubuntu and encourage your employees to do the same.
  • I want to thank Shola for helping us at ATD Golden Gate to become more aware of the energy we bring into spaces. We all deserve kindness and compassion in our lives, and Shola’s toolkit is an excellent roadmap for improving outcomes and stopping the toxicity that prevents us from being our best selves.
Is it Kind? Is it True? Is it Necessary?

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