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Training & Development Specialist, Fremont Bank

How many applications did you use today to do your job?  5?  10?  More than you can count?  How does the number of applications you use impact you?  These were the questions that kicked off the our Monthly Chapter Program on Wednesday October 21 – Reimagining Remote Training with Learning in the Flow of Work.

The digital worker is feeling technostress, with individuals using on average 14+ applications. Companies have increased IT spend on applications to bring about efficiencies, but more often than not individuals are not receiving enough training to make the most of those efficiencies – an average technology has a 15% adoption rate in the first year. Compounding this is the current situation of increased remote working, and classroom training no longer being an option. So how can companies support associates by providing learning where they are, when they need it?

Amandeep Singh and Tushar Tyagi from WhatFix provided one solution – Learning in the Flow of Work. The WhatFix plugin overlays applications; individuals can learn by doing, without leaving their work environment. The tool provides step-by-step navigation for new users, or if a new application is being rolled out. Self-help sections are relevant to the page they are on, providing just-in-time assistance. It’s not just for new users or new technologies though. To assist with change management, ‘beacons’ can be set up to tell users about new features, updates or any other information they may need to know. Learning is user-driven, and when it’s needed, fitting in with how adults learn.

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Reimagining Remote Training with Learning in the Flow of Work
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One thought on “Reimagining Remote Training with Learning in the Flow of Work

  • October 26, 2020 at 2:15 pm

    For me it’s not so much how many applications (14+) but how frequently I use them. When the number of applications on my desktop approaches the number of gadgets in my kitchen or specialty tools in my garage the problem is less about how many but how often! Assembling the pasta roller I last used six months ago or the figuring out the drain snake that unclogged the shower in 2019 becomes the same practical challenge of use recall. At work I have to record the grant compliance activities quarterly, submit a budget submission once a year and only submit an accident report when required. Fortunately the last one is rarely. So I need training on when to use them, their purpose and standards. The just-in-time assistance feature of WhatFix fills the gap of needing to recall on how to use them. When & why guides me on what to do and just-in-time assistance supports how. Both are needed for success.


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