Holistic Learning Design Special Interest Group

The Holistic Learning Design SIG provides its members with networking and mastermind discussions as we ensure our training does the following:

  • Transfers learning to the workplace
  • Meets the organizational objectives
  • Meets the participant objectives

Discussions will be centered around the ATD Capability Model, and how each aspect affects Learning Design.

We may explore other learning models and frameworks, such as ADDIE and HILL, as well as case studies brought by the participants.

It is intended to:

  • Provide experienced course and training program designers with an opportunity to increase the effectiveness of their courses and programs.
  • Provide education on different methods and practices.
  • Provide opportunity for networking and masterminding

There will be one topic explored per month.

We plan to meet (currently via Zoom) on the first and third Tuesdays of the month, from 5:30 – 7:00 pm beginning in February 2021.

See and sign up for the next HLD SIG event under EVENT LISTINGS on this website.

For more information about our group, or, if you are not a chapter member, to request an invitation for a ‘trial run’ please contact the Group Leader: Renée Remy at hldsig@tdgoldengate.org