ATD Golden Gate Corporate membership is available to a group of 3 to 5 members of one organization. You may change the members of your group at any time to others within your organization should someone change jobs or leave, etc.

The annual fee  for a group of 3 is $300.00. This increases by $100 per member for 4 or 5 people. When you have decided on the right size group for you, click on the option above to sign up for your Corporate Group membership.  Note: If you don’t have all the information for your group members when you signup, you can log back in and add their names and contact information later.

How it Works: Each of your group members attains membership status through your registration and can request his or her own password and be able to sign up for events at the group member discounted rates as well as access the members-only parts of the website.  They can also edit their information in the Members’ directory.

Takeaways: You and each member of your group will receive a voucher good for one free chapter monthly program in addition to the 10% group member discount for other chapter events.

Finally, your organization may submit a logo or organizational banner to sit on our homepage during the time you are a group member showing viewers that you are a Golden Gate Chapter member and sponsor – a $1000 value!

ATD Golden Gate memberships are not refundable.