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Amotions, Inc. / Pianpian Xu Guthrie, Founder and CEO

AI-powered upskilling and coaching platform

Amotions improves managers and teams’ productivity and connections with AI-powered upskilling and coaching. We improve connections among teams and customers, by helping them master soft skills such as emotional intelligence and empathy. We provide reflection practices and in the moment support and feedback, with insights and workshops by world-class experts.

We have a working product and paying customers from organizations such as Oracle and Yale University, and are launching with more B2B customers, including startups and larger organizations.

Pianpian is originally from rural China, got her master’s degrees in sociology from Yale, and worked as a product lead at companies such as Priceline, Ticketmaster, and GoDaddy before founding Amotions. She lives in the SF bay area with her family.

Key Services:  leadership development / self-serve upskilling platform / soft skills training 

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BG Training Solutions / Bruce H. Gross, 3D Training Consultant

Creating 3D worlds for your training that are affordable, engaging, effective, and enhance the learning process.

As a 3D Training Consultant, I work with topics requiring personal introspection and behavior change. I have found using the 3D environment provides the ability to facilitate interactive, interpersonal activities remotely while engaging participants in ways that enhance retention. 3D training enables incremental structured learning programs using small chunks of content to build learning, apply, and share outcomes. This training can be created for synchronous and asynchronous learning and so offers cost-effective solution for clients.

Topics using 3D learning that have worked well include effective leadership behaviors, communication, feedback delivery, team building, collaboration, behavioral interviewing, and sexual harassment.

One of the things I have found gratifying for all concerned is to work with the client to convert existing client curricula into remote 3D training.  I also provide Train the Trainer programs for in-house follow-up on programs developed for client organizations.  I often partner with Training in the 21st Century to develop and co-lead programs.

Key Services:  blended learning / soft skills training / virtual environment

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Dovetail Education / Renée  Remy, M.Ed, M.Div., Mindset & Leadership Coach

Helping emerging leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs master leadership from the inside out.

As a mindset & leadership coach, Renée partners with lifelong learners and leaders who have decided to uplevel their creative and leadership abilities from the inside out.

Having personally experienced the joy and success from transforming limiting beliefs in her life, Renée can help you positively impact those you serve, lead, and love as you clear your own limiting beliefs.  The results will be deeper connections, more focused action, greater success in your goals, and increased joy along the journey.  The tools you learn will help you find more fulfillment in all aspects of your life.

Renée is a Results® Certified Executive Coach with a foundation in neuroscience coaching, John Maxwell Team certified Leadership Coach, Facilitator, and Speaker, and Positive Intelligence Coach. She has an M.Ed. and B.A. from Stanford University. She is a certified practitioner in the Enneagram, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), and other behavioral disciplines.

In addition to her passion for coaching and training, Renée is a licensed minister and Hospice Chaplain.  She brings a spiritual foundation to all she does, as she believes that our spiritual connection provides a power to our mission and purpose that goes beyond our personal abilities.

Key Services: transformational leadership / growth mindset / entrepreneurship

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Edstutia / Yogini Joglekar, PhD,  COO and Founding Faculty

Yogini combines her passion for learning and emerging technologies (VR) in creating hands-on training for communication, change management, DEI, and other professional development areas.

Edstutia is an immersive learning consultancy that helps organizations integrate virtual reality in their learning, onboarding, and other employee experiences.

Edstutia’s services can be customized according to a company’s VR-readiness, from consulting to design to delivery of synchronous/ asynchronous training, simulations, or coaching sessions. And we believe in generously sharing our expertise: the Instructor Certification in XR is a first-of-its-kind “train the trainer” program helping to build VR/ AR instructional design and delivery capacity in organizations.

Key Services: immersive learning / virtual reality / digital transformation

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Intentional Leaders / Razelle Janice Drescher, BA, MAT, Ed.S, President

Intentional Leaders can help you put the missing pieces in place to deliver a high-quality customer experience every time.

Does your business give you the quality of life and freedom that you want?  Does your company have authentic leadership, effective teamwork, and a positive work environment?

If not, Intentional Leaders can help you put the missing pieces in place to deliver a high-quality customer experience every time.

Razelle Janice Drescher, owner of Intentional Leaders, has over 25 years experience as an executive leadership coach and trainer, empowering her clients to be authentic leaders who inspire others to join their vision. She helps business owners and leaders acquire and implement the tools and skills needed for success. Razelle shows her clients how to build effective and profitable organizations that empower managers to achieve results through their teams in a culture of well-being. As part of her business, Razelle offers a unique leadership and team building retreat with horses, resulting in powerful insights for healthy work relationships, collaboration, and creative problem-solving.

Key Services: business consulting / leadership with horses / people and workflow management

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Kris Schaeffer & Associates /Kris Schaeffer, CPTD, C4P , CEO & Conscious Consultant

Kris Schaeffer helps organizations achieve their higher purpose so all stakeholders thrive.

Organizations with a higher purpose aim at solving worthy problems for people and the planet. Kris Schaeffer & Associates (KS&A) works with organizations to achieve their moonshot goals.

How do we get our customers to be Raving Fans? How do we embrace our employees so they grow in their jobs and as a person? How do we create a culture of trust, authenticity, and inspiration? How do we increase sales? Increase safety? Increase efficiency?

KS&A provides a holistic solution to help the organization with its systems, leadership, and intentional culture; and helps employees with continuous learning, job design, and customized training.

KS&A is an Instructional Design ninja who creates training that becomes a way of working and not merely an event. We teach subject experts how to design learning so that the entire organization is filled with skills. We analyze performance problems to find the root cause and then design solutions that are comprehensive, not band-aids.

Key Services: learning culture / leadership development / organizational transformation

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Michael Papanek Consulting / Michael Papanek, Principal Consultat

Supporting leaders and teams to build resilient organizations which thrive during change and innovation, since 1992.

As a facilitator, consultant, and coach, Michael partners with leaders and their organizations to create high-performing, self-sustaining teams and productive, innovative work environments which achieve strategic outcomes in a sustained way. Clients have included large high-tech, biotech/pharma, healthcare, and consumer products, as well as with start-ups and other growth-driven organizations.

Michael helps leaders use cultural change to increase stakeholder satisfaction and achieve new business outcomes through new skills, improved self-awareness, deeper relationships, and strategic thinking. He uses an action learning methodology, focused on real-life business outcomes as vehicles for gaining new leadership and teamwork skills, permanently increasing competency, and enabling high-performing organizations with high employee engagement.

Fun fact: Michael is the grandson of Kurt Lewin, a renowned social scientist and founding father of organizational development. He is also an avid sailor, theatrical lighting designer, and amateur musician.

Key Services:  organization development / facilitator / coach

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Thumbprint Coaching, Inc. / Judy Knight, CEO

A leading Executive Coach and Leadership consultant working with leaders at all levels who want to increase engagement within their teams.

My purpose is to make workplaces more humane and to see each person I work with as a unique individual with certain strengths and unknown possibilities. I help each client or team increase their clarity, self-awareness, communication and growth mindset so they can achieve their goals. I am known as a compassionate challenger to each of my clients as I help them push past their self-imposed limitations. And, we find ways to have fun doing that!

Key Services:  executive coaching / leadership development  / growth mindset
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Training in the 21st Century / Carla Kincaid-Yoshikawa, Founder & Managing Director

Knowledgeable creators of effective, affordable, engaging, memorable learning programs that achieve strategic objectives.

We create blended learning programs that enable peak performance to achieve strategic organizational objectives. Our solutions include a wide variety of methods and technologies that maximize understanding, retention, and utilization of new information—including age-old, in-person ILT classroom settings, real-time webinars, self-paced e-learning, and cutting-edge 3D remote training. We incorporate role plays scenarios, game-based quizzes, and content-related activities in our learning designs to suit the culture of the organization, and the purpose of the project.  We work with our clients to identify, develop and implement a mix of tools customized to fit their specific needs and systems.

Our mission is to empower companies, and the individuals who work in them, to evolve with and respond to our changing world.

Key Services: instructional design / blended learning / tailored training

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Woznicki Consulting & Coaching / Lynn Woznicki, MA, MAOD, ACC – Owner/ CEO

A powerful and compassionate coach, consultant and facilitator, Lynn supports clients seeking greater personal and professional effectiveness.

Coach / Consultant / Facilitator.  Lynn provides personal and professional development to individuals, teams, and leaders at all levels. She works with clients to build self-awareness, develop new skills, and identify critical choice points so they can make decisions and take actions that support greater possibilities in their life and their work.

An ICF certified coach, Lynn’s warm coaching presence and hard-earned wisdom enable her to connect with and fully support clients to overcome challenges and reach desired outcomes. As a consultant, Lynn is an experienced leader and strategic thought partner armed with organization development expertise and tools to help clients manage change and improve performance. A master facilitator, Lynn quickly builds rapport with diverse stakeholders, facilitates crucial conversations and conflict management, and expertly designs sessions to make forward movement possible. Her clients benefit from training geared to increase effectiveness and performance.

Key Services: coach / organization development / facilitator
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