The Talent Development Community Can’t Be Silent


Like you, I’m sickened, angry and indignant at the senseless acts of inhumanity that so persistently plague our culture. I would also like to acknowledge that I’m sickened, angry and indignant at myself for taking this long to say something to our community.

I have the feeling that I’m not alone. Many of you agree with the cause and acknowledge everything about Black Lives Matter and yet feel like silent agreement is all you feel comfortable doing. Taking a vocal stance is scary, you never know who may attack you for trying, for saying something, for saying something poorly… but what has saying nothing gotten us?

Let’s be better. Let’s show support for what we KNOW is right and actively work against the things that we know are wrong. Please reach out to me at if you have an idea regarding how we can use the ATD Golden Gate Chapter community to create better awareness and change. (more…)

The Business Case for Leadership Development – Even More

Debbie McCarthy
Getabstract Compressed Knowledge

Last night’s program, The Business Case for Leadership Development, was cram-packed with information and leaning. In addition to the materials the presenter, Holly Burkett, handed out, she referenced a book, “Black Box Thinking: Why most people never learn from their mistakes; some do”. I thought I’d share this summary which is quite a unique guide to achieving success through fearless failure. You can download the getabstracts summery here.

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