There are so many reasons to join – some of them listed below.  The Golden Gate Chapter is active and thriving, and benefits from the diverse Bay Area population, the varied types of organizations here and the dedication of its members to take on chapter volunteer roles and to stay involved in the learning and the networking throughout the year.

We have several membership levels, from Student, Military and Individual to three bands of Corporate Group Memberships.  Check them out and join us if one is right for you!


Monthly or Bimonthly Programs

Chapter programs provide ATDGG members with outstanding professional development opportunities, addressing the current practices essential for Talent Development career success. Following the the shift to virtual brought about by the pandemic, most events continue to be held virtually. Some face-to-face events are being rolled out, mostly for networking and social connecting. At present, content / learning programs remain virtual so that attendance is not hindered by geography.

Workshops, Seminars and Webinars

Professional Development Workshops are held throughout the year in addition to our monthly programs. These in-depth learning opportunities are tailored to both new professionals and experienced practitioners. Occasionally other ‘irregular’ events will be available, e.g., multi-monthly webinar series, a ‘Special Event’ with a High Profile speaker, a Demo of a new learning platform. Members are always given free or discounted entry fees detailed in the event description on the website.

Geographic Interest Groups (GIGs) and Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Golden Gate Chapter Groups represent one of the many ways to grow professionally and personally, to network, learn new trends and industry direction, and to take useful information back to your organization.  We have three Geographical Interest Groups as well as opportunities for members to create any number of Special Interest Groups with chapter support. Our latest SIG is one which meets twice a month to have rich discussions on Holistic Designed Learning. SIGs are a Member-only benefit.

Interest Groups provide a great opportunity to become personally involved in our chapter while you focus on your area of special interest or network with others in your geographical area. Leadership opportunities constantly arise within groups as there is a continuous seeking of member assistance in topic and speaker selection, meeting planning, attendee registration and other support activities.

Networking Events

Held throughout the year, facilitated Networking events offering ice breakers, and a chance to get more acquainted with other participants in a supportive and friendly setting are held periodically, as our different forms of new member orientation.

Chapter Leadership Opportunities

Volunteer positions are one of the most long-lasting benefits of joining the chapter. A chance to stretch or develop new skills in a prestigious chapter’s leadership, along with high level and broad-based networking, great resume bragging rights for your career development. There are always opportunities to work on a committee, run a group or serve on the Board of Directors where you make close professional connections as well as to practice your leadership and interpersonal skills.

Access to job listings

When anyone posts a job on our website (a free service to the world, linked from our homepage), it will show up on the member-only job listing page.

Please Note: ATD Golden Gate Individual, Student and Military Memberships are assigned to the individual member and are non-transferable to another member or within an organization. ATD Golden Gate Corporate Group memberships are assigned to members of one organization and are transferable within that organization. All ATD Golden Gate memberships are non-refundable.