Joanna Sharp
Training & Development Specialist, Fremont Bank

On Thursday, June 5 ATD Golden Gate members virtually gathered for a fun filled zoom training where imaginary balls were dropped, a small red ball became a meatball and a basketball for pixies, and we learnt how many ways you can make the letter T out of the top half of your body. Gary Ware, founder of Breakthrough Play, took the group through five different games that opened up our imagination and got us energized. He then helped us connect how we can bring our experiences into our jobs and lives. One of our realizations, especially relevant for now, is how adaptable and agile we can be in situations where there isn’t much time to think. Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow, and there is always time for fun.

Some of the group takeaways are as follows:

Plan ahead, be prepared and be willing to throw it all out the window if you have to. Have FUN. The more you enjoy yourself the more your creativity will naturally flow.

How comfortable people can be when they have a sense of inclusion. Showing up is important but allowing others to be included is essential.

Validation that our brains need rest while learning that play is an active way to rest and refresh our minds.

From the presenter, Gary Ware: It was an honor to facilitate this session for the ATD Golden Gate Community. Every time I work with groups whether in person or virtually I leave feeling so energized knowing that I helped a group connect, learn, and de-stress. It may seem counterintuitive, but in times like these this type of work is exactly what we need to help give people a sense of community and hold space to explore new ways of thinking.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Breakthrough Play go to:

Adding Improv to your Leadership Skills

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