As more of us talk about being “zoomed out,” and trainers/ facilitators are raising alarms about the shortcomings of remote learning, the need to find ways to incorporate more active, dynamic, engaging processes into our learning programs is clear. While we all wait for the development of affordable, 3D immersive technologies enabling life-like remote events, we now have technology which is fully developed, affordable, and widely accessible:.  It’s called OpenSim-based 3D environments.

Now, imagine yourself looking into a 3D environment on your computer screen where, along with others, you actively participate in experiential learning and dynamic discussions. This is the current goal of the 3D Learning Special Interest Group. No pre-training or learning how to maneuver in the 3D world.

As we know, participation with focus is the elusive holy grail of all trainers/ facilitators when using remote technologies for meetings and learning events. Unfortunately, it has trained us to go into passive mode whenever we view big- or small-screen presentations.
This passive mode is embedded in us, which is in direct opposition to the attention and engagement needed for effective learning and retention.

The 3D Learning SIG is offering chapter members a ‘Golden Gate’ opportunity to view the “world” through the eyes of the Avatar, where you will see, hear, and experience what the avatars are demonstrating or doing when using 3D platforms. You will be able to assess what it can do for some of your own training projects.   You will be able to participate via Zoom, and not be required to become an avatar to see how it all works.

Within a Webinar Based OpenSim 3D world:

  • Participants can engage in group-based synchronous learning process
  • Facilitators can utilize incremental learning and dynamic discussions to enhance
    understanding and retention

ATD’s 3D Learning SIG was formed to explore and expand the possibilities available via use of 3D environments. Join us and discover how you can use 3D environments to
make remote learning more active, interactive, engaging, and effective through your webinar training projects..The goal of our 3D Learning SIG is to:

  • provide you with the best experience in creating environments transferable to your own needs for your business or organization
  • help you see the opportunity to increase the effectiveness and engagement of your learners
  • provide support through the group
  • provide opportunities for networking with others

We will meet in the 3D Environment from 5:30 – 7:00pm. At present we meet on the 2nd Tuesdays each month.
See and sign up for the next 3D Learning SIG event under EVENT LISTINGS on this website.

The SIG Leaders:
Bruce Gross
Carla Kincaid-Yoshikawa

For more information about our group, or, if you are not a chapter member, to request an invitation for a ‘trial run’, please contact Bruce at