Upcoming events

    • 26 Jul 2018
    • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • San Pedro Square, 87 N San Pedro St, San Jose, CA 95110
    Enjoy great conversation and light refreshment with ATD Golden Gate Chapter members in the South Bay!

    Are you an ATD Golden Gate member who wants to network with other members in the South Bay? Come join us for a “Getting to you know you”- themed networking event, with a fun icebreaker, thought-provoking questions, and great conversation! Share your experiences, challenges, and triumphs of being an L&D professional in the Bay Area. Make connections with others to encourage mutual learning in the South Bay region. 

    Not a member? Not a problem! Come and add your voice to our conversation and get to know more Talent Development Professionals! 

    6:00 – 6:30  Arrivals / Refreshments
    6:30 – 7:00  "Getting to Know You” Icebreaker
    7:00 – 8:00  Open Discussion Topic/Brainstorming, “What are you looking for to enhance your growth in the L&D field here in the Bay Area?”
    8:00 – 8:30  Close / General Networking

    Please register by July 24.
    • 21 Aug 2018
    • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Sally Tomatoes Restaurant, 1100 Valley House Dr, Rohnert Park, CA 94928
    • 40
    It’s time again for our annual summer party. Let’s get together as friends and colleagues and enjoy it! Food and friends are a great combination. Mingle, chat, eat, drink, and be merry with your fellow learning professionals in a beautiful outdoor space under the redwoods.

    We will be meeting at the outdoor firepit at Sally Tomatoes to enjoy some appetizers and wine. If you wish, you can order off the menu or visit the no host bar. Also there will be a comedy hour starting at 8pm for those who want to stay a little longer. Bring a sweater/jacket if you get chilly in the evenings.

    You are welcome to bring one guest

    There is no charge for this event, but registering will help us plan for numbers. Please RSVP by August 17.
    • 11 Sep 2018
    • 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Learn iT! 33 New Montgomery St #300, San Francisco, CA 94105
    • 27

    We all deal with change, so come learn from a veteran change leader as well as from your peers to face change head-on. You will learn “state of the art” actionable tools and methods that are interwoven with hands-on practice on a change case. You will also apply the ideas and concepts to a change from your own organization and get solutions and input from others in the program that will improve your thinking

    Change is coming to our organizations at an ever faster growth. As a result, we are changing our business models, restructuring, recovering, or positioning for new growth. All require fast, deep organizational change.

    This program will help you become more effective in planning and implementing successful change in your team and organization. In today’s organization, change leadership can come from anyone in the organization, regardless of their position

    Change models and tools have advanced in recent years, providing a “technology for change” that change leaders need to know and be able to apply. Examples of changes include:

    • Repositioning an organization for innovation and growth 
    • A troubled unit or team needing solutions 
    • Re-organizations - new structure, downsizing, or new skills needed 
    • Changing Business models  
    • Integrating an acquisition 
    • New exec coming into a role to make changes
    This workshop will address:
    • How to position yourself as a change leader 
    • The power of change models and tools 
    • Hands on practice with a real time change scenario 
    • Taking on your own change initiatives 
    • Learning from each other

    Glenn Tobe, was the CEO of Change Works, the number one change management firm in America, as well as the global leader of Accenture’s Change Navigation Practice. Later, he was the SVP of Human Resources for Avanade, a billion-dollar business owned by Microsoft and Accenture. Glenn has authored books and was recognized as one of the top ten change leaders in America today. He has lectured at Universities and delivered numerous keynote presentations on his practical points of view about driving results and building change competence.

    5:30 - 6:00pm       Light dinner and Welcome
    6:00 – 8:00pm       Workshop

    Public Transportation (BART, MUNI): Exit the Montgomery station on Market street. Go south of Market on New Montgomery. 33 New Montgomery is the 2nd building on the left. Our location is also very accessible for Golden Gate Transit and many MUNI bus lines.  Please call us for details. Nearby Parking Garages Parking in the financial district can be expensive. We recommend taking public transit, but if you are driving in, here are the locations of the 2 nearest parking garages.

    Hearst Parking Center  45 3rd Street  San Francisco, CA  415.989.4000

    Central Parking System  71 Stevenson Street  San Francisco, CA  415.495.7017

    • 24 Sep 2018
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • online

    Let's face it; most people spend their days in chaotic, fast-paced, time-and resource-strained organizations.  Work has changed, and multi-tasking challenges traditional approaches to projects.

    This workshop is designed for today's busy professionals who need advice and guidance on a wide array of techniques and tools designed to provide you with the flexible structure necessary to have increased success delivering business results through your projects. 

    There are many tools and methodologies available to project managers today but without underlying knowledge of project management, the tools are useless. We've developed a number of fun and interactive ways to coach you and your team through project management, regardless of your current skill level. See what fun lies ahead!.

    In this session, you will be able to:

    • Define the roles of the project manager, the project sponsor and other key people in a project 
    • Build a stakeholder communication plan 
    • Document business objectives of the project 
    • Document project objectives Document the risks and constraints of a project 
    • Document the scope of the project 
    • Practice resiliency to adapt to the needs of the project 
    • Build a Project Charter 
    • Build a Project Schedule/Plan in a new way 
    • Perform a post project review for every project to ensure that project management competence improves 
    Each attendee will receive a PDF copy of the ATD book: Project Management for Trainers, by Lou Russell.


    Lou Russell is the Director of Learning at Russell Martin & Associates, a Moser Consulting company. Lou is an executive consultant, speaker and author whose passion is to grow companies by growing their people. She is the author of The Accelerated Learning Fieldbook , Project Management for Trainers, Training Triage, IT Leadership Alchemy, Leadership Training , 10 Steps to Successful Project Management and Managing Projects. Through speaking, training and writing, Lou draws on 30 years of helping organizations achieve their full potential. She inspires improvement in leadership, project management and individual growth. Lou’s upbeat style, and humorous stories about on-the ground experiences will give you the passion and tools to improve the bottom line.

    This webinar is being offered free of charge, however we need you to register in order to participate.  Registered participants will receive the webinar login information two days beforehand.

    • 24 Oct 2018
    • 9:00 AM
    • 25 Oct 2018
    • 5:00 PM
    • East Bay, Location TBD
    • 18
    Don't pass this one up!  In this two-day workshop you will design compelling and effective training, use accelerated learning techniques and learn the 5 key instructional steps to get participant involvement and better results. This workshop has been totally revamped and updated so even if you took this workshop before, take the new version!

    Specifically, you will learn how to: 

    • Identify performance problems that can be solved by training. 
    • Tailor your workshop to participant needs. 
    • Conduct a task analysis so participants know exactly what they are expected to do. 
    • Write the key points so that participants will remember them. 
    • Write learning objectives that follow the ABCD format. 
    • Use the key 5 instructional steps that achieve skill mastery and job results. 
    • Design instructional activities for any type of learning objective. 
    • Write an instructional design document. 

    During the workshop, you will: 

    1. Write an instructional design within the first two hours. That’s accelerated! 
    2. Experience 10 different ways to change boring instruction and lectures into interactive exercises. 
    3. Get one-on-one coaching on your instructional design. Enjoy designing training that's fun.
    1. A very comprehensive workbook with job aids that walk you through the instructional design process.
    2. A one-page instructional design template.
    3. Templates for the various elements of writing your instructional design. 


    Please download the two-day agenda HERE

    Bring your laptop so you can apply what you’re learning to a workshop you’re writing.

    Coffee and morning snacks will be available on your arrival.


    Kris Schaeffer, CPLP, has 40 years of experience in human resource development. When Kris got her CPLP from ATD, she aced her work product assignment in instructional design. She also did the content edit for the first version of ATD’s Learning System. Kris knows her stuff!

    Kris’s professional work has focused on the analysis and design of customized training. Her instructional designs for customer service, sales, and safety training have been adopted by entire industries such as the cable + phone, direct store delivery (soft drinks, beer, snacks), and food manufacturing. A lot of other people believe that Kris knows her stuff!

    Kris teaches subject experts how to design training so they can pass along their knowledge and skills so others can master them.

    Kris has conducted this workshop for over 200 participants for the Chapter when it was designed for our Community Outreach Program volunteers. Now this revised workshop has a broader focus – for anyone who designs training that improves performance. The workshop now includes accelerated learning and other state of the art instructional methods. 

Past events

13 Jun 2018 The Power of You: EQ
12 Jun 2018 Do, Speak, Create: 3 Simple Practices to Build a Winning Team through Well-Being
11 Jun 2018 SOUTH BAY: Do, Speak, Create: 3 Simple Practices to Build a Winning Team through Well-Being
22 May 2018 NORTH BAY: E-Learning: The When, How, and Why (and Why Not) of Virtual Training
02 May 2018 Senior Learning Leaders Meetup
01 May 2018 NORTH BAY: Building an Engaged Workplace: Creating a Silicon Valley Culture in the North Bay
24 Apr 2018 Instructional Design Workshop 2.0
18 Apr 2018 Realistic Project Management
17 Apr 2018 Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter
20 Mar 2018 NORTH BAY: Are You Throwing Away your Development Dollars?
27 Feb 2018 NORTH BAY: One Size Does Not Fit All: Learn the Newest Situational Leadership Model
20 Feb 2018 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
23 Jan 2018 NORTH BAY: State of the Industry - State of the Chapter
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17 Jan 2018 State of the Industry - State of the Chapter
19 Dec 2017 NORTH BAY: North Bay Holiday Party
29 Nov 2017 2018 Focus Group
14 Nov 2017 NORTH BAY: Debunking Learning Myths
08 Nov 2017 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Six Steps to Successful Negotiations
24 Oct 2017 Instructional Design Workshop 2.0
10 Oct 2017 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP: Articulate Golden Gate Roadshow
26 Sep 2017 NORTH BAY: Trends in Coaching: A Panel of North Bay Coaches
12 Sep 2017 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Personality at Work - The Drivers and De-railers of Leadership - an Evidence-Based Approach
15 Aug 2017 NORTH BAY GIG: End of Summer Party & Potluck
12 Jul 2017 SOUTH BAY PROGRAM: VisualStory Mini Workshop
14 Jun 2017 VIRTUAL PROGRAM: Increasing Organizational Innovation Using Agile
07 Jun 2017 MONTHLY PROGRAM: High Impact Low Cost Training Activities that Wow ANY Audience!
23 May 2017 NORTH BAY: Amy’s Kitchen Site Visit
10 May 2017 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Mentoring Reinvented!
25 Apr 2017 Instructional Design Workshop 2.0
18 Apr 2017 SOUTH BAY PROGRAM: State of the Industry - State of the Chapter
18 Apr 2017 NORTH BAY: Panel of Innovative Sonoma County L&D Professionals
21 Mar 2017 NORTH BAY: Creative Facilitation
22 Feb 2017 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Design Thinking – in a nutshell!
21 Feb 2017 NORTH BAY: Gamification Challenges and Solutions: Two Case Studies
25 Jan 2017 State of the Industry - State of the Chapter
17 Jan 2017 NORTH BAY PROGRAM: State of the Industry - State of the Chapter
11 Jan 2017 New Rules of Engagement
20 Dec 2016 NORTH BAY: North Bay Holiday Potluck Party & Book Exchange
01 Dec 2016 MONTHLY PROGRAM: POSTPONED --- Liberating Your Enjoyment of Wine and Food
15 Nov 2016 NORTH BAY: Engaging the Brain: the Science Behind Coaching
03 Nov 2016 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Before You Do Anything Else: The Must-Do List of Questions To Ask
03 Nov 2016 ONE DAY WORKSHOP: Build the best eLearning ever with Adobe Captivate 9 and friends
19 Oct 2016 5 Ways to Help SMEs Facilitate Learning
18 Oct 2016 NORTH BAY: Technology of Participation: Certified Facilitator Methods
12 Oct 2016 Mindfulness – Harness the Power
28 Sep 2016 POSTPONED Fundamentals for Professional Trainers - A 3-Day Workshop
20 Sep 2016 NORTH BAY: Talent Development in the Wine Business
08 Sep 2016 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Trim Fat and Boost Performance with Damn Good Job Aids
30 Aug 2016 Beyond the Fundamentals: 6 Secrets to Level Up Your Training
16 Aug 2016 NORTH BAY GIG: End of Summer Party & Potluck
21 Jun 2016 NORTH BAY:Using Open Space Technology to Design State of the Art Development Experiences
08 Jun 2016 Up Your Game:  Take Your Career To The Next Level
07 Jun 2016 Exercising Influence - Building Relationships and Getting Results
18 May 2016 Developing Capabilities of Young Emerging Leaders
17 May 2016 NORTH BAY:Panel of Sonoma County Employers: Measuring Training Effectiveness
19 Apr 2016 NORTH BAY: Trim Fat and Boost Performance with Damn Good Job Aids
19 Apr 2016 Power-up Your SME Interviewer Skills
24 Mar 2016 Facilitating the Wisdom of the Crowd: The Big Give
23 Mar 2016 Why Many Change Efforts Fail -- with Peter Block
15 Mar 2016 NORTH BAY: Ice Breaker Throwdown – Round 2
16 Feb 2016 NORTH BAY: Giving & Receiving Wisdom: New Mentoring Program
01 Feb 2016 Virtual E-Volution: Transform the Way You Educate - Tips to Conduct Webinars that Wow®
21 Jan 2016 State of the Industry & Chapter
19 Jan 2016 NORTH BAY: What’s going on in the Talent Development Industry and at Golden Gate Chapter
15 Dec 2015 NORTH BAY: Holiday Party, White Elephant Book Exchange & 2016 Planning
02 Dec 2015 NETWORK YOUR WAY INTO 2016! “Creating Connections While Thinking on Your Feet!”
17 Nov 2015 NORTH BAY: Trends in Coaching, a Panel Discussion
12 Nov 2015 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Learning Technologies Fair
15 Oct 2015 MONTHLY PROGRAM: All Aboard! Create Onboarding Programs that Sail: A Holistic Approach to Getting New Hires "Onboard"
17 Sep 2015 MONTHLY PROGRAM: How Twitter is building a learning organization through development and feedback
15 Sep 2015 NORTH BAY: North Bay GIG: End of Summer Paella Party
18 Aug 2015 NORTH BAY: MONTHLY PROGRAM: Applying Learning Science Principles to e-learning
18 Aug 2015 NORTH BAY: Hot Off the Press! Emerging Research in Organization Development
15 Jul 2015 Speed Networking
23 Jun 2015 South Bay GIG: Paella Party in the South Bay!
18 Jun 2015 ONE DAY WORKSHOP: Enter the Era of Empathy – What Got You Here Won’t Get You There
16 Jun 2015 NORTH BAY: Talent Development in Sonoma County Healthcare: A Panel of North Bay Professionals
04 Jun 2015 ONE DAY WORKSHOP: Use Storyline to Build Interactive eLearning
03 Jun 2015 ONE DAY WORKSHOP: Learn to Create Your Own eLearning Assets
19 May 2015 NORTH BAY: Career Discovery: Getting Started in Talent Development
07 May 2015 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Prototyping with SAM: The Essential Activity in a Savvy Start
28 Apr 2015 SOUTH BAY: Introducing Applied Improvisation, Techniques for Truly Engaging Training
21 Apr 2015 Expanding Learning Ecosystems with xAPI
21 Apr 2015 ONE DAY WORKSHOP: Designing Learning Ecosystems and Applying the xAPI
09 Apr 2015 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Out of This World Training to Meet Today’s Challenges
09 Apr 2015 ONE DAY WORKSHOP: Make Your Training 3D in a 1D world!
02 Apr 2015 Career Discovery Group: Training in Today’s Market
18 Mar 2015 MONTHLY PROGRAM: The Revolution L&D Needs to Have
17 Mar 2015 Measuring the ROI of Soft Skills Training
24 Feb 2015 SOUTH BAY: Decision Making: Perils & Remedies!
17 Feb 2015 NORTH BAY: Ice Breaker Throwdown
11 Feb 2015 Time for Leadership—Breakthrough insights and practices for today’s leaders!
04 Feb 2015 Getting Your Point Across - Effective Email Lunch & Learn Webinar
26 Jan 2015 ATD In 2015 - Welcome & Overview
22 Jan 2015 ATD In 2015 - Welcome & Overview
20 Jan 2015 NORTH BAY: ATD In 2015 - Welcome & Overview
06 Dec 2014 SPECIAL EVENT: Imagining The Next 70 Years – Anniversary Celebration
19 Nov 2014 Measuring the ROI of Soft Skills Training
17 Nov 2014 MONTHLY PROGRAM: The State of eLearning 2014
17 Nov 2014 ONE DAY WORKSHOP: Getting Started with Mobile and Responsive Learning using Adobe Captivate 8
21 Oct 2014 Matching Instructional Methods to Learning Experiences– What's the Best Fit?
01 Oct 2014 Career Discovery Group: Getting Started in Talent Development
17 Sep 2014 Out of this world team activities, simulations and more
16 Sep 2014 What’s Happening in L&D in Sonoma County?
16 Sep 2014 Keeping Cool Under Fire©: A workshop to help professionals think on their feet
11 Sep 2014 MONTHLY PROGRAM: An Introduction to Keeping Cool Under Fire©
11 Sep 2014 WORKSHOP: Realistic Project Management
10 Sep 2014 Methodology Madness: Blending Agile, ADDIE and SAM to Grow Performance
28 Aug 2014 Consultant SIG: How to Articulate a Compelling Value Proposition
19 Aug 2014 North Bay GIG: Paella Party with Paul – Social Networking Event
31 Jul 2014 ASTD Golden Gate Chapter Udemy Courseathon
23 Jul 2014 South Bay GIG: Dip Your Toe Into eLearning; A Bring Your Own Device Event
27 Jun 2014 SOUTH BAY: Training Fundamentals For Professional Trainers
19 Jun 2014 70th Anniversary Evening Event onboard the SS Red Oak Victory
17 Jun 2014 North Bay GIG: Dip Your Toe Into eLearning; A Bring Your Own Device Event
20 May 2014 North Bay GIG: Using Social Media Strategies for More Effective Training
15 May 2014 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Get the Inside Scoop On Ed-Tech and Emerging Learning Technologies
15 Apr 2014 North Bay GIG: Integrated Talent Management at Medtronic
10 Apr 2014 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Discover Your Communication Style and Improve Team Productivity
09 Apr 2014 South Bay GIG: Evening Program - Principles and Practices of Learning Ecosystems.
09 Apr 2014 South Bay GIG Workshop: Emerging Learning Ecosystems and the Experience API
23 Mar 2014 ASTD ICE Essay Contest: Win a Free ICE Registration!
18 Mar 2014 North Bay GIG: Knowledge Management throughout the Employment Cycle: A World Cafe
13 Mar 2014 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Creating a Culture of Communication: How Pandora Balances Hearts and Minds to Drive Engagement
28 Feb 2014 Hack the Experience: Employee Engagement Hackathon
27 Feb 2014 CONSULTANTS SIG Dinner and 2014 Planning
18 Feb 2014 North Bay GIG: Learning Technologies for External Customers
17 Feb 2014 3D Learning and Training SIG Monthly Meeting
01 Feb 2014 SPECIAL EVENT: ASTDGG 70th Anniversary Celebration and Volunteer Recognition
27 Jan 2014 2014 State of the Chapter Address
21 Jan 2014 North Bay GIG: 10 Competencies of a Learning Professional
20 Jan 2014 3D Learning and Training SIG Monthly Meeting
17 Dec 2013 North Bay GIG: Holiday Party and 2014 Planning
13 Nov 2013 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Really Rapid Instructional Design Tips and Techniques
13 Nov 2013 WORKSHOP: Faster, Cheaper, Better: Really Rapid Instructional Design
22 Oct 2013 Consultant SIG: 3D Training Is Still Here - Alive and Well
22 Oct 2013 North Bay GIG: Your Personal Leadership Journey
16 Oct 2013 South Bay GIG: Rethinking Instructional Design: The SAM Model
02 Oct 2013 MONTHLY PROGRAM: The Gold Standard - What the Learning Profession should know
25 Sep 2013 South Bay GIG: Rethinking Instructional Design
24 Sep 2013 Consultant SIG: Maximize Your Impact: Use the Language of Influence
24 Sep 2013 North Bay GIG: Is Training the Right Performance Solution?
10 Sep 2013 MONTHLY PROGRAM: HTML 5: What you need to know
10 Sep 2013 WORKSHOP: Getting started with Adobe Captivate
27 Aug 2013 North Bay GIG: Paella Party! Celebrate the Summer!
14 Aug 2013 MONTHLY PROGRAM: The Power of Rapid E-Learning
14 Aug 2013 WORKSHOP: Getting Started with Articulate Storyline
13 Aug 2013 WORKSHOP: Become a Rapid eLearning Pro
06 Aug 2013 South Bay GIG: Learning Redefined: Gamification & Instructional Design - GAME ON!
17 Jul 2013 South Bay GIG: Gamification: Inspiring and engaging employees in a fun and exciting way!
10 Jul 2013 MONTHLY PROGRAM: How to Implement mLearning in Your Organization
26 Jun 2013 South Bay GIG: Summertime and the Living is Easy Happy Hour!
25 Jun 2013 North Bay GIG: Are you, your learners and your organization ready for the “Flipped Classroom”?
20 Jun 2013 MONTHLY PROGRAM: The State & Future of eLearning Development Tools
19 Jun 2013 South Bay GIG: Are you, your learners and your organization ready for the “Flipped Classroom”?
17 Jun 2013 3D Learning and Training SIG Monthly Meeting
28 May 2013 North Bay GIG: Designing a YouTube Channel to suit your training/business needs
20 May 2013 3D Learning and Training SIG Monthly Meeting
08 May 2013 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Using techniques from improvisational theatre for team building
30 Apr 2013 Speed Networking
24 Apr 2013 South Bay GIG: Visual Design Strategies for Instructional Designers, Instructors, and Presenters
23 Apr 2013 North Bay GIG: OnBoarding: Integrating and Engaging New Employees
18 Apr 2013 Workshop: Catalyzing Your Brand and Strategy through Audience Centric Communications
15 Apr 2013 3D Learning and Training SIG Monthly Meeting
10 Apr 2013 MONTHLY PROGRAM: True Mastery for Activating Profound Personal Change
27 Mar 2013 Webinar: Get A Grip on Gen Y: How to Recruit, Manage, Motivate and Retain Our New (Unique!) Generation of Young Professionals
26 Mar 2013 North Bay GIG: Speed Networking & Generating Icebreaker Ideas Event
20 Mar 2013 South Bay GIG: Spring Fling Happy Hour!
15 Mar 2013 3D Learning and Training SIG Monthly Meeting
13 Mar 2013 MONTHLY PROGRAM: The 12-Step Method to Enlightened PowerPoint Presentations
28 Feb 2013 Webinar: Developing EQ Competencies with the EQi 2.0 Assessments and Tools Webinar
26 Feb 2013 Instructional Design Workshop
22 Feb 2013 3D Learning and Training SIG Monthly Meeting
20 Feb 2013 North Bay GIG: Key Takeways from ASTD TechKnowledge Conference
19 Feb 2013 ASTD Golden Gate Engagement and Networking Party
28 Jan 2013 Consulting Skills Certificate
28 Jan 2013 Advanced e-Learning Instructional Design Certificate
28 Jan 2013 Blended Learning Certificate
26 Jan 2013 Board of Directors Retreat
23 Jan 2013 Webinar: Get A Grip on Gen Y: How to Recruit, Manage, Motivate and Retain Our New (Unique!) Generation of Young Professionals
23 Jan 2013 North Bay GIG: Use Social Media to Grow Your Training and Organization Development Business
18 Jan 2013 3D Learning and Training SIG Monthly Meeting
09 Jan 2013 MONTHLY PROGRAM: How to Leverage Social Learning and Improve Business Results
19 Dec 2012 North Bay GIG: Holiday Party & 2013 Planning Session
04 Dec 2012 End of Year Gala
28 Nov 2012 GGC South Bay: Facilitate! Open The Door To Learning
14 Nov 2012 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Leaderality: How to Lead with Impact
13 Nov 2012 Board of Directors Meeting - November
24 Oct 2012 GGC South Bay: Blended Learning Today: Leveraging New Options and Opportunities
23 Oct 2012 Board of Directors Meeting - October
17 Oct 2012 North Bay GIG: Visual Design Strategies for Instructional Designers, Instructors, and Presenters
15 Oct 2012 Consulting Skills Certificate
10 Oct 2012 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Emerging Trends in eLearning Technology, Training, and Collaboration: The 2012 Horizon Report
08 Oct 2012 Board of Directors Status Meeting - October
27 Sep 2012 7th Annual Workplace Learning & Performance EXPO
26 Sep 2012 GGC South Bay: Influencing Ethics and Corporate Culture From an OD Perspective
25 Sep 2012 Board of Directors Meeting - September
21 Sep 2012 3D Learning and Training SIG Monthly Meeting
19 Sep 2012 North Bay GIG: LinkedIn Tips & Tricks Workshop
12 Sep 2012 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Building Profit through building your culture: How to Sell it to Your Senior Leaders
10 Sep 2012 Board of Directors Status Meeting - September
28 Aug 2012 Board of Directors Meeting - August
22 Aug 2012 GGC South Bay: Defining and Creating Quality Webinars
17 Aug 2012 3D Learning and Technology SIG Monthly Meeting
15 Aug 2012 North Bay GIG: Are you a Wine Spectator or a Wine Participator?
13 Aug 2012 Board of Directors Status Meeting - August
07 Aug 2012 Speed Networking
31 Jul 2012 Board of Directors Meeting - July
20 Jul 2012 3D Learning and Technology SIG Monthly Meeting
11 Jul 2012 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Relationship Selling is Dead! An Update on What’s Working in Sales NOW
27 Jun 2012 GGC South Bay: Innovate Your Way to Awesome Services and Products
20 Jun 2012 North Bay GIG: Speed Networking
13 Jun 2012 MONTHLY PROGRAM: The Art of Designing & Delivering Captivating Virtual Presentations
06 Jun 2012 3D Learning and Technology SIG Monthly Meeting
16 May 2012 North Bay GIG: Outpacing the Change Treadmill
09 May 2012 MONTHLY PROGRAM: PowerPoint Comes Alive!
02 May 2012 3D Learning and Technology SIG Monthly Meeting
25 Apr 2012 South Bay GIG: SalesSpeaking: Power Selling Techniques
24 Apr 2012 Instructional Design Workshop
11 Apr 2012 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Yammer Presents Social Learning: No Time No Resources No Worries!
04 Apr 2012 3D Learning and Technology SIG Monthly Meeting
30 Mar 2012 WORKSHOP: Facilitating Organizational Change - Achieving Success as an Internal Consultant
28 Mar 2012 South Bay GIG: Best Practices for Webinars and eLearning
27 Mar 2012 Consultant SIG Webinar: The Influence Factor in Social Media: Creating an Online Presence
21 Mar 2012 North Bay GIG: Training vs. OD: Siblings Separated at Birth
14 Mar 2012 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Human Performance Improvement With “True Grit”
07 Mar 2012 3D Learning and Technology SIG Monthly Meeting
06 Mar 2012 Speed Networking
22 Feb 2012 South Bay GIG: Learning Trends, Implications and Applications: What's Hot, What's Not, and Why Should You Care?
15 Feb 2012 North Bay GIG: Evening Social
08 Feb 2012 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Improving Human Performance Through Gamification
01 Feb 2012 3D Learning and Technology SIG Monthly Meeting
25 Jan 2012 South Bay GIG: Emotional Intelligence: Foundation for Career Success
18 Jan 2012 North Bay GIG: Online Communities
14 Dec 2011 North Bay GIG: Holiday Cocktail Party and Planning Meeting
06 Dec 2011 ASTD Golden Gate Member Appreciation Gala
30 Nov 2011 South Bay GIG: Rev Up Results with Relationship Coaching: Techniques for Building Productive Work Teams
09 Nov 2011 MONTHLY PROGRAM: The Power of Coaching in the Workplace
02 Nov 2011 Webinar Series: Best Practices in Webinar Design and Delivery Program 3
26 Oct 2011 Instructional Design Workshop
12 Oct 2011 MONTHLY PROGRAM: Facilitating Organizational Change – Secrets of a successful internal consultant

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