Nominations 2016

If you’ve ever considered contributing your time and energy to being part of a dynamic team to lead a successful professional development organization into an exciting new future, now is your chance!

As we prepare to move forward into 2016, we are conducting our annual election for open Board of Director positions the week of September 17th- 24th.  The Nominating Committee is currently inviting interested members to express their interest in becoming a candidate!

The elections will be for up to 4 Director’s seats on the Board of Directors (BOD) as well as the office of President Elect (2016). The Directors’ terms are staggered so only a portion of the Director’s positions are up for election each year.

The ATD Golden Gate Board of Directors is a volunteer, working board, which means the Directors have specific areas of responsibility for the operations of the ATD Golden Gate Chapter’s business, programs, projects and services. Board Members are expected to commit to the following minimum responsibilities with the approximate monthly time commitments:

  • Attend monthly board meetings, in person or virtually (4 hrs)
  • Fulfill portfolio responsibilities (6 hrs)
  • Attend as many monthly programs as possible (4 hrs)
The BOD determines the specific assignment of areas of responsibility or “portfolios” after the election of the Directors for the next term.  So when running for a Board seat you are running to be a member of the Board, not for a specific “portfolio”.

The terms run for two years starting each January 1st.  The candidates elected this December will have terms of January 1st, 2016 through December 31st, 2017. The current open portfolios that will be reviewed and determined by the BOD in January 2016 are:
  • Secretary
  • Vice-President of Technology
  • Vice–President of Marketing & Communications (Mar-com)
Often directors will share a VP role so if your passion lies outside this in an area like Membership or Programming there will certainly be an opportunity to take on a Co-VP role in one of those areas

For more information on the Chapter History, Mission, Vision and current Board go to

In addition to being a driving force in the success of the Chapter, some of the benefits of being a Board member include:
  • paid national ATD membership
  • participation in all monthly programs for free (San Francisco, North Bay and South Bay)
  • participate in the national ATD Leaders Conference (ALC) in October
  • enhanced professional development and networking opportunities (e.g. ATD National, other professional groups, area businesses, non-profits, speakers and presenters)
  • Candidates for Board of Directors must be a member in good standing of ATD Golden Gate and retain that membership through their term.
  • Directors of the BOD must become members of ATD National upon taking office (if not already a member) and retain that membership.
  • Previous experience as a volunteer with ATD Golden Gate is preferred, such as membership on a committee, SIG, GIG, or other volunteer activity.
  • A background in professional or academic involvement in the Talent Development field.
How to be Considered:

Interested members should send an email to the Nominating Committee by Monday, September 14th by clicking the link below.
  • Include a brief bio and explanation of why you would be interested in serving as a Director on the ATD Golden Gate Board of Directors.
  • The bio and statement of interest should be between 250 and 500 words.
  • The Nominating Committee will then determine which candidates to put forward before the membership for the election in December.
  • The bios and statements of interest for all candidates will be published for the membership to review on the ballots.
Please send bio and any questions to  

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