North Bay GIG: Training vs. OD: Siblings Separated at Birth

  • 21 Mar 2012
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Sonoma County Volunteer Center 153 Stony Circle #100, Santa Rosa CA Classroom A
  • 24

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Training and OD might be siblings, but they’re not twins. Customers come to training and organization development staff for different reasons and different solutions, but we often have to integrate our different solutions for the client organization. In this session, we’ll throw out some example client situations and explore how OD and training would approach the situation. We’ll discuss questions such as:
  • How do trainers and OD practioners approach problems differently or similarly?
  • How do customers in our organizations perceive training vs. OD? How is the relationship with our customers the same or different?
  • How much OD does a trainer need to know? How much training does an OD person need to know?
Ideally, trainers and OD practioners partner effectively to help the organization achieve its goals. In reality, the relationship between the training staff and the OD staff is often strained. The perception is OD works with higher levels and broadly across the organization. OD practioners look down on trainers as simply “implementers” of pre-defined solutions. Trainers perceive OD people as loving “process” too much and that no one in the organization understands what the hell OD people actually do.

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