MONTHLY PROGRAM: The Power of Coaching in the Workplace

  • 09 Nov 2011
  • 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • California State University, East Bay, Oakland Center, Classroom 2, Suite 109, 1000 Broadway, Oakland


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We continue our exploration into ASTD’s CPLP Nine Core Competencies – with a focus on Coaching. Join us in Oakland to learn from a panel of four renowned coaches and speakers whose expertise covers corporate coaching, health and wellness, and personal relationships. 

This interactive panel discussion will be moderated by Dr. Pi Wen Looi, founder of Novacrea Research Consulting and our VP of Communications.

Come and listen to stories of how these four coaches use their respective coaching models to help their clients achieve greater success in life and in business. Don’t forget to pick up a few useful coaching tools for yourself!

After attending this panel discussion, you will be able to:

  • Apply coaching skills that are relevant in the workplace.

  • Apply cutting-edge techniques to get rid of old habits and cement new ones.

  • Acquire skills that are applicable toward the ASTD CPLP certification.

Here is a glimpse of the coaching menu for you to savor:

  • The BURST model by Paul Larsen, founder and principal of Ascend Global Consulting. Paul is an experienced corporate coach with 20 years of experience and a global traveler. Paul will show you how to transform yourself using the BURST model in your organization.

  • The Compromised Trap and Positive Plays by Elizabeth Doty. Elizabeth is the founder of WorkLore and author of The Compromised Trap. She is a consultant, coach, speaker, and corporate story collector. She will empower you to take charge of your own engagement and partner more effectively with your leaders, peers, and employees.

  • The Compassion Model by Judy Burgio. Judy is the founder of HealthSynergyTM and a life coach. She combines her expertise as a registered pharmacist and a Board Certified nutritionist in a unique way that helps her clients achieve optimal health and life-balance. Judy will enlighten you with tricks your mind plays and enable you to harness and partner with your mind to create the greatest potential for success.

  • The Systems coaching model by Janet Chahrour. Janet is a relationship coach; she has a private coaching practice, Thriving Together, where she uses movements to help her clients get ahead. Janet will lead you through an on-the-spot experiential activity with movements and practice the skill of reading and reflecting the emotional field.

About the presenters:

Judy Burgio, R.Ph., C.N.

Judy, founder of HealthSynergyTM, has been an Integrative Health Specialist in private practice in Mill Valley, California. She combines her expertise as a registered pharmacist and a Board Certified nutritionist with her skills as a trained life-coach. She believes that true healing occurs from the inside out, and works enthusiastically with clients toward bringing their actions into alignment with their vision, values and goals.

Judy is a frequent, dynamic and inspirational public speaker, and has served as a consultant and educator to corporations, community groups and individuals for over 18 years. She shares some of the latest thinking about health, combined with techniques for ensuring change.

She is a Board Member of NANP (National Association of Nutrition Professionals), and a member of The Institute of Noetic Sciences and The Life Extension Foundation. Judy is a graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo with a B.S. in Pharmacy, and the National Institute of Nutritional Education, as a Certified Nutritionist.

Elizabeth Doty

Elizabeth Doty is a consultant, coach, and speaker with a passion for helping visionary leaders generate extraordinary value for themselves, their organizations, and the larger world. Since 1993, her firm WorkLore has helped organizations such as Skillsoft, CDM, and Archstone-Smith create cultures of engagement, alignment and integrity.

A chronic interviewer, Ms. Doty has spoken with more than four hundred people about their day-to-day experiences of engagement at work. Using candid conversations and organizational “lore”, she helps her clients engage more actively in relationships with their bosses, peers and employees.

Ms. Doty has presented at Harvard Business School, The Commonwealth Club of San Francisco, the Hudson Institute, the OD Network, the Business Ethics Network and the Bay Area Society for Organizational Learning. Her book, The Compromise Trap: How to Thrive at Work without Selling your Soul, was rated in the Top 7 Career Management Books of 2010. Elizabeth earned her MBA from Harvard in 1991.

Janet Chahrour

Janet Chahrour (Sha-roor) is a life-reinvention professional with a passion for matters of relationship. She guides couples, individuals, and teams to interrupt old patterns and create what they really want. Involvement of the body in coaching is one of her hallmarks. She gets her clients up to breath, move, and feel. Janet believes “When you want to move forward, you need to move!” Her systems approach to teams includes seeing a relationship as more than the sum of the people; it is like a living being that goes through stages and has changing needs. Her private coaching practice, Thriving Together, attracts people who want to learn and grow themselves as they create change on the outside.

Janet has a BS in Biology from the University of Illinois and holds coaching certifications from the Coaches Training Institute (CPCC), the Center for Right Relationship (ORSCC), and the Hendricks Institute. She earned her yoga teaching RYT at Kripalu Institute. Janet also leads experiential workshops such as Great Relationships for Life and Relationship Fitness for Couples. Janet’s articles, her favorite resources, and more can be found at

Paul Larsen

Paul is an engaging and inspiring business consultant and coach with over 20 years of experience within the corporate world. He has a proven track record of success in aligning strategies, streamlining operations, driving profits, and maximizing organizational growth within Fortune 100, start-up, high-tech, and non-profit environments. 

Paul realizes that many organizations today are led with the “tourist” mentality…“let someone else figure it out and then tell me what to do!” He relishes all opportunities to transform leaders and teams from being tourists in their own companies into being “true travelers” and thus, taking initiative and ownership for their results. The outcome is the creation of a well-connected, agile and motivating workplace.  

Paul travels the world and has volunteered his services to the local communities in eastern Romania, northern Vietnam and southern Portugal. Paul has a B.A. in History from the University of the Pacific and a M.A. in Human Resources and Organization Development from the University of San Francisco and is working on his first book: "Tourist or Traveler?: BURST Your Bubble & Connect with your Potential!" 

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